We love our clients

and help them love their data too

We help our clients generate actionable insights from data. This requires a solid knowledge of existing data structures and machine learning algorithms. If you got all your ducks in a row regarding your data setup then it's great; we'll work with that. If not, then we're more than happy to assist you with organizing and structuring your data.


Are you working in telecom / mobile field? We help you get the most gross adds from your campaigns.

  • Acquisition modeling
  • Churn modeling
  • ROI analysis


We provide media and advertizing professionals like you the following:

  • Media mix optimization
  • Conjoint analyses
  • Creative evaluations
  • Sales modeling


We help the Banking and Insurance industry get new leads and reduce churn.

  • Lead generation
  • Churn minimization
  • Call center performance
  • Sales modeling


  • PAX modeling
  • Path to conversion
  • Campaign planning
  • Pricing strategies
  • E-mail message optimization


  • Lead scoring
  • Pricing strategies
  • Big data
  • Statistical services


(Fast moving) consumer goods is a highly dynamic market. We help you keep up with the pace.

  • Price optimization
  • Leaflet / display efficiency


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cost minimization
  • Automated failure detection