Data driven and predictive customer relationship management

Dissatisfied customers would tell between 7-10 people while a satisfied customer would recommend a company to 3-4 of their friends. PIMS

There are many technologies, software solutions and processes that deals with customer interaction. This interaction is important for past, current and future customers alike. Depending on where in the life-cycle a given customer is located they are triggered by different messages. Figuring out which kind of message should go to which customer can be discovered and quantified through predictive analytics.

Questions you should be asking yourself

A data driven approach to CRM requires you to formalize your challenges as questions. Once you know which questions that are relevant for your business you can start collecting, aggregating and consolidating the data necessary for the development of a predictive model capable of answering these questions in real time.

  • How many emails can you send per week without increasing unsubscribers?
  • How are your email campaigns affecting your social media performance?
  • What content drives higher open rates?
  • Which of your customers are thinking about leaving? How can you make them stay?