Who we are

We love artificial intelligence and machine learning

applied to business challenges

Green Analysts is a machine learning consulting company specializing in building, customizing and integrating predictive analytics solutions in our clients' decision making process. In short, we help companies identify, quantify and optimize all kinds of revenue generating activities.

We provide solutions to tough business challenges in many different sectors. By tough we don't mean uncommon, rather, we're referring to challenges that can only be solved by applying state of the art statistical algorithms.

Our small team consists of dedicated people who will go the extra mile to provide you with a top notch service.

Dr. Michael Green - Founder

Michael is our commercial guy and has worked with clients across multiple sectors. With a background in Theoretical Physics Michael combines business knowledge with state of the art predictive analytics. He comes from a position as CTO at Data Intelligence.

Dr. Liwen You - Scientific advisor and co-founder

Liwen is a leading expert on econometric modeling in Sweden. She has many years of hands-on experience with implementing predictive models within several industries including telecom, life-science and traveling. Liwen also holds a PhD in Machine Learning.

Meilan Lin - Web Developer

Meilan is the guru coding up the stuff connecting our intelligent solutions to our clients via web services and cloud based applications.

Pär Gustavsson - CFO

Pär is the man who's cooking the books. He has a long experience in running the financials of small to medium sized companies leveraging expert knowledge with an amazing sense of humor.